Next Convocation is Wednesday, September 19th


Become a Royal Arch Mason

As a Master Mason, you asked for and received more Light and took obligations In the rituals and lessons of the first 3 degrees in your Lodge you were given a word. This was a substitute word to be used until future generations would find the Master’s word. This substitute word allows you to visit Masonic Lodges and identify yourself as a Master Mason. Did you ever wonder what the real word was? In the York Rite of Freemasonry during the Chapter Degrees the word is found and communicated to you.

The journey continues by joining brother Master Masons in search of more Light and the lost Master’s word.The Royal Arch degree was, and still is in England, a part of the Master Mason’s 3rd Degree. It was the culmination of the story and path you started as an Entered Apprentice. Continue your Masonic education by joining your local Royal Arch Chapter. See our “JOIN” page for an excellent video explaining York Rite Masonry and how to seek membership.



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