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Beginnings – 1870 – 1921
The beginning of what finally came to be Pentalpha Royal Arch Chapter was a meeting of several Companions in Washington Hall, Weymouth, May 9, 1870. It was voted to apply for a charter to organize a chapter. Other meetings were held in Delta Lodge room, in the vicinity of Bates Opera House. At the first meeting Stephen S. Bradford, who had previously been elected High Priest, was appointed to present a petition to have a new Chapter to Pilgrim Royal Arch Chapter of Abington, which held jurisdiction over Weymouth.
On May 30, 1870, the new Chapter decided to bear the name Pentalpha, and the petition was granted by the Abington Chapter, which was in turn followed by the dispensation from the Grang High Priest, Henry Pickering, and fifty-nine Companions
organized a Chapter and afterwards became the Charter members, Under this dispensation the first meeting was held on June 14, 1870, and officers were elected as follows:
Stephen S. Bradford, High Priest.               William Humphrey, King.
A. A. I Holbrook, Scribe.                               Amos D. White, Treasurer.
George W. Locks, Captain of the Host.       Alden W. Nash, Principal Sojourner.
William S. Wallace, Royal Arch Captain.    Reuben Tirreli, Master of Third Veil.
Alvali Raymond, Master of Second Veil.      Augustus Vining, Master of First Veil.
John W. Walsh, Tyler

At this meeting 20 applications for the degrees were received. Work in conferring the degrees began immediately, meetings being held every two weeks until Jan. 24, 1871, when the charter was constituted,consecrated and recorded by the Chapter. The first year saw an addition of 41 members accepted.The following years were taken up by routine work. Much work and attention was required to preserve the Chapter during the years of 1879 to 1889,.St. Stephens Chapter of Quincyhad been gathering in many
candidates otherwise under the Pentalpha jurisdiction.

In March, 1890, in answer to a communication, the trustees of the Masonic Hall Association, East Weymouth, made arrangements so that the Chapter should have a Lodge Home in the new building, and they first met in this hall April 8, 1890.

The progression in members and interest has steadily grown, and in 1921 the Chapter has a membership of about 400.

Pentalpha, The First 100 Years  - Complied History delivered at the Centennial Celebration in 1970 by David Blunt, Chapter Historian.Interesting reading. We are in the process of compiling the history from then till present and will add this once presented and approved by the Chapter membership. We hope to publish in the fall of 2013. Stay tuned.